Aircraft leasing services are available through, Prewitt Leasing, Inc., a subsidiary of Jack Prewitt & Associates. Unlike many large leasing companies, Prewitt Leasing only specializes in corporate aircraft and is uniquely qualified to structure a lease which meets the requirements of our clients.

Prewitt Leasing can accommodate the transition to a new aircraft, or provide off-balance sheet use of an asset, by purchasing your existing aircraft and leasing it on a short or long-term contract. Lease rate factors are negotiated based on the term and anticipated residual value of the aircraft at the end of the lease.

Our internal lease capability enables us locate, purchase, and lease the aircraft of your choice; deliver the aircraft to client specifications, and with a realistic residual value which affords our client the lowest practical lease rate.

Another important aspect of the Jack Prewitt Brand is the attention we give our leasing clients through Prewitt Leasing. Our clients can upgrade at any time, and Prewitt Leasing will provide counsel and assistance in the maintenance and maintenance of the aircraft, and assist the client in obtaining interim or permanent financing, including the lowest cost insurance.

Prewitt Leasing is able to meet our client’s internal requirements, and provide them with maximum flexibility.